Some weeks ago the Hungarian Garlic Front (Magyar Fokhagymafront) was founded. The idea of HGF has its prototype in the German „Front Deutscher Äpfel“. According to the HGF the members were a brassard which looks similar to this of the “Front Deutscher Äpfel”, which was founded when Holger Apfels’ NPD became a Member of Parliament in Saxonia. The first mobilization already starts so we tried to get known first interests who like to join our first performance on 9th March. The funny performances, different kinds of actions and meetings should show how senseless and absurd the extreme-nationalism is.

The aim of HGF is not only the critique of the Hungarian extreme-nationalism, more over it criticises the other developments. So the thirteen points of HGF demands for example that we want to “fight” against the “pressure of the Western lila- and Eastern red onion”, which stands for the by Orban’s politics supressed LGBT and the leftist movement (or the pressure of the capitalist European Union and the communist Russian Federation?).
Another point criticises that home birth in Hungary are forbidden, which interfere the woman rights. Some other points play with the former history of Hungary, if the Hungarian nationalists were glad, that the Czech Republic becomes a part of Germany, because the Hungarians hoped to get back its lost territories caused by the Trianon treaty.

If you found the HGF interesting, you can inform you on Facebook; or on our website: If you like the idea please feel free to join us at Facebook or take part at one of our next meetings. 

May the garlic's force be with us!

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